Houston Arboretum

I am constantly on the lookout for local photography options.  Although I had visited the Arboretum with my family in past years I had overlooked option until recently even thought it is less than 15 min from my home in West University.  The gate opens at 7:00 AM, a bit late if you want be on site before sunrise.  In any case, there are limited options for shots that would include views of the sky and landscape.  One of the best locations is for open skies is the Meadow area reachable from the Outer Loop trail or the Inner Loop/South Meadow Trail.

Meadow Pond, Houston Arboretum

There are numerous birds, turtles, rabbits and a broad range of wild flowers and plants.  I’ll share a few images of what you might see here.

The Arboretum is a great place for a nature walk in the midst of one of the largest urban area in the United States.  It’s a gem Houstonians should treasure.  Visit and support your Arboretum.



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